& Robotic
Port Closure

Faster, Simpler & More Secure

Artisan Medical’s Joystick puts control back into the hands of the skilled surgeon. The Joystick’s flexibility brings the surgeons knowledge, skills and experience to the forefront of laparoscopic & robotic fascial closure. It solves many issues surgeons face when attempting complete fascial closure.

How it works...

The Joystick's raised handle provides an open field of view for the surgeon and makes inadvertent suturing of the dermis a thing of the past.

The uniquely designed handle and conical shape allows the surgeon to sink the Joystick to the appropriate insertion point.

Once proper depth is established the surgeon can then take advantage of the Joystick’s versatility by selecting the optimal angle for secure capture of the fascia, no longer forcing the surgeon into a predetermined one-size-fits-all angle.

The Joystick’s maneuverability allows for quick retrieval of the suture saving time and the need for added personnel.