Alvarado Knee Positioner Boot & Platform

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The Artisan Alvarado Knee Positioner System (Alvarado Knee Positioner Boot and Platform) is an aluminum boot that allows ready access to the knee as well as selective adjustments to the degree of rotation.  The Artisan Alvarado has been redesigned to meet the new FDA regulations.  The boot and platform has been welded shut to prevent any bioburden from collecting.

The aluminum boot has been constructed to be malleable to better fit any size leg and foot.  The boot has been reconstructed to better accommodate the malleolar bone.  The Artisan Alvarado is proudly made in the USA.

Note:  The system has been designed to be compatible with the Zimmer table clamps.

Images on site show the Artisan Boot on the right side with the new welding and the older version on left.

Please call for pricing.  Part #BTZ-100

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