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The Halo speculum is composed of overmolding soft silicone sleeve on flexible surgical steel sheet and medical-grade nylon handles. The design allows the speculum to be rolled up as small as a tampon. When placed in the vagina, it gently expands and retracts the sidewalls. This way, it does not need excessive stretch to retract the sidewalls like the duck bill. The spiral accommodates all diameters of the vaginal canal regardless of the size of the patient, increasing ease of the procedure for both the surgeon and patient.

The composition of the Halo speculum incorporates multilayer technology. The outer silicone layer provides comfort, and the inner layer of flexible surgical steel sheet provides secure structural support. As proven in the team’s lab and the operating room, the speculum does not collapse with a moving patient.

Halo’s versatility extends well beyond the conventional speculum use cases. For vaginal procedures like vaginal morcellation during hysterectomy and electro-surgery during cervical cancer procedures, the steel and silicone make it possible to perform these procedures safely in the vaginal canal without injury to the sidewalls. The vaginal cuff can easily be closed, as the Halo provides perfect exposure of the top of the vagina. No additional hands are needed to hold the speculum as it is completely self-retaining. The Halo replaces all metal retractors with one simple one-size-fits all design.

Given that the Halo provides perfect exposure of any woman’s internal vaginal anatomy, it can be used in all procedures in and out of the operating room that depend on visualization of the cervix such as LEEP, colposcopy, endometrial biopsies, intrauterine device insertions, office hysteroscopies, hysterectomies, and pap smears.