Wishbone Retractor Set


The Wishbone Retractor System easily exposes difficult anatomy no matter what your procedure demands. Strength for stability with every patient, any patient size and any incision size –  Always Stable.  The Wishbone Retractor System is designed to remain stable, so you always get the exposure you need. Retract from every direction by simply adding our hinged extension arm.

Flexibility, Interchangeable, Removable Arms & Stable Retraction that lets you perform procedures the way you prefer.

Strong enough for your largest patients.  Nimble enough for small-site work.  Always easy to use.

Use one arm, use two arms, take one arm away or use one of each. Choose the frame arm before or during surgery that helps maximize your surgical field:

  • Ease-of-Use
  • Maximize Exposure
  • Minimize Obstructions
  • Exchange an Arm
  • Remove an Arm
  • Open the Field

All parts available for individual sale.