Artisan-McCulloch Lumbar Retractor Set


Upgrade your M style Lumbar Retractor System… with the advantages of the Artisan McCulloch Lumbar Retractor System. Our McCulloch sets include:

  • Artisan McCulloch Microdiscectomy Set
  • Artisan McCulloch Retractor Set
  • Artisan McCulloch Extended Blades and Hooks

The Artisan McCulloch includes innovative radiolucent blades and hooks that are interchangeable with M style systems.

All of our Artisan McCulloch Lumbar Retraction sets are designed with interchangeable components that will work with competitive M style systems at a lower cost.

The Artisan McCulloch has extended blade and hook lengths available.

Below is a link to our McCulloch Lumbar Retractor Set brochure…

Artisan McCulloch Lumbar Retractor